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Reasons You Should Reglaze Your Bathtub

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In any bathroom, a bathtub is a great centerpiece. Unfortunately, it can drastically change the appearance of your bathroom if your tub appears old and dingy.  

Most homeowners usually choose to replace the bathtub whenever it starts to show some signs of age. However, that is not the ideal option. This is particularly true if you’re on a budget.  

This is where reglazing your bathtub comes in. Reglazing, also known as refinishing, is an affordable method of revamping the color of your old tub without spending a lot of money. 

So, why should you avail a Plano tub reglazing service? Here are several things to consider: 

You Will Save Money 

Your budget is perhaps one of the most significant factors to consider when you’re doing a home remodeling project. When it comes to replacing your bathtub, you’ll need to invest a lot of money. There are a lot of costs associated with bathtub replacement. This includes buying a new tub, hiring a plumber, hiring a demolition contractor, and more.  

On the other hand, reglazing your bathtub will provide the same result without breaking the bank. 

You Won’t Have to Change Your Bathroom’s Design 

Another thing to think about is the tiles that surround your bathtub. If you want to replace your tub, you’ll also have to replace the tiles around it.  

If your existing tiles are damaged or cracked, it might be best to replace them all. On the other hand, tub reglazing might be your best bet if all the tiles around your tub are still in excellent condition. 

The Material of Your Bathtub 

For those who don’t know, you can refinish any type of material your bathtub is made from. This includes fiberglass, steel, or cast iron. However, a professional will have to check your tub first before refinishing it.  

The reason for this is that there are a couple of problems that can prevent a bathtub from being reglazed. For instance, if your bathtub has huge dents, reglazing may not be your best bet.  

If you aren’t sure what to do, you can always hire a professional tub refinisher to come and assess your bathtub.  

In general, professionals can work with old bathtubs. However, the bathtub needs to be in excellent condition.  

Your Tub is Difficult to Remove 

Modern bathtubs are usually modular. This means that you can pick it up and move it with the help of a couple of strong people.  

On the other hand, old bathtubs are difficult to remove. If you want to replace it, you’ll need to plan the process thoroughly. There are a couple of full-size bathtubs that can’t fit through a bathroom door.  

If you choose to reglaze your bathtub, you won’t have to remove it.  

Your Bathroom is Valuable 

A properly-maintained bathroom is the most impactful thing you can do if you want to add value to your property.  

Tubs are built and designed to last for an extremely long period. Because of this, you can simply refinish the bathtub if you want it to look new again.  

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Over the years, kratom powder has gained popularity among health enthusiasts – thanks to its long-established history of medicinal properties. However, despite the increasing number of consumers swearing by its benefits, others still have lingering questions about the product, specifically how exactly they should use it.   

While it’s true that there is no definitive right or wrong way of consuming kratom powder, most users prefer taking it in specific ways. Since it can taste horrible, some opt to mix it with a particular food or drink. Others even go the extra mile with do-it-yourself capsules.  

Here are five different ways of consuming kratom powder effectively.  


It’s no secret that kratom powder has a distinctly bitter taste. That being said, it could get quite difficult to consume it as is. Fortunately, you can easily mix the healthy substance with your favorite drinks. If you enjoy drinking smoothies, consider adding kratom powder or crushed kratom leaves. This will make your favorite beverage extra healthy and tasty.   

 To do this, simply mix one to two tablespoons of cold liquid milk chocolate with a dose of kratom powder. Stir the ingredients well until it turns to a paste-like consistency. Then, add a few more tablespoons of chocolate milk or a few scoops of ice cream while stirring until the glass is almost full. Your healthy and refreshing kratom smoothie is now ready to serve.  


If you’re too busy to take your daily dose of kratom in the morning, why not mix it with your favorite to-go yogurt? This recipe will not only provide you with a delicious morning snack but also keep you energized throughout the day.  

To create your kratom-infused yogurt, simply stir in about 5 grams of kratom powder into a cup of plain or flavored yogurt. You can even add more twists to it by mixing in diced fruits like mango, strawberry, kiwi, peach, and more. 


Another fun and healthy way of consuming kratom powder is by turning it into popsicles. This cold and yummy treat is sure to complete your summer experience. Making your own kratom popsicle is relatively easy. 

To do this, blend kratom powder with your desired flavor, such as chocolate or fruits. Then, add it to a whisked full cream milk and mix well. Pour the mixture into plastic cups or containers and place wooden sticks into them. Freeze for at least four hours and serve.  

The kratom powder in your popsicle is enough to keep you energized for hours, so it’s best to consume on a busy day. 


Perhaps the most straightforward way of consuming kratom powder is the toss and wash method. All you have to do is take your desired dose of kratom powder, toss it in the back of your throat, and wash it down with any drinks you like. This method is not for the faint of heart though. While it’s true that this method is relatively quick and efficient, the kratom powder’s bitter taste might be too much for some. 


There are many kratom capsules readily available in the market today. But for those who want to go the extra mile, making your own kratom capsule can make all the difference. To do this, you need to purchase gelatin capsules, which will house the kratom powder. You also need to buy an encapsulating machine to process your pills. 

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